1 new entries added to veterans day thank you poem, that include pictures. 1. Thank You by Elizabeth Alksne Seconds, minutes, hours, and days It all goes much slower when you are away. When youre over seas between gun shots and bombs, Using those spare minutes to write letters to your beloved fathers and moms. At times like these a watch is not needed, you know what time it is while your heart is still beating. Its time to look up and keep going forward, Its the time to know and believe the bright future youre going toward. Then finally you hear the bombs no more. You hear the birds singing in the sunny weather as you walk in through your home door. And almost like fire works on the fourth of July You see those faces that last saw you when you were saying good bye. You share a silent glance with your reflection. You see a man looking back at your direction. Although I havent been in your position, I am greatly touched and thankful for your decision. Your decision to do what youve done And to go through what you have gone. And no matter what happens now and then, I am so thankful to God for you and all of the other brave men.

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