16 new entries added to thanks mom and dad quotes, that include pictures. 1. Mom and Dad... I will protect you from hurt and pain I will never give you a change to complain because you have done the same for me even I want you to always be happy Thank you

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When you're blessed to have amazing parents you sometimes want to stop and express your appreciation to both of them. To help you out, we have compiled the best thanks mom and dad quotes that we could find. Quotes thanking them for their love, support, encouragement and believing in you at times when no one else did are just an example of the types of quotes that you will find in this section.

You will find a thank you for every situation that you can possibly thank your parents for and made them shareable so that you can easily send them via your social media accounts or even pin them to Pinterest. You can even add an original caption to make it more personalized for your parents.