34 new entries added to thankful for life quotes, that include pictures. 1. Dear God, sorry I don't tell you think nearly enough , but thank you for my life and all the people in it.

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We have added thankful for life quotes in this section. Quotes about things like being grateful for your life and all that you have because as you breathe someone is taking their last breath. You will also find a prayer thanking God for being blessed, healthy, alive and repenting for complaining and thankful for everything that he has done in your life.

For those that are not religious you will find plenty of relatable quotes especially if you believe in things like, "The Secret" and the laws of attraction. The more appreciative you are the more positivity you invite into your life and the happier you will be overall. There is also a saying about being thankful not only for what you may have but also for things you have yet to receive.