64 new entries added to being grateful, that include pictures. 1. I am so grateful have you in my life as my wife. I love you.

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Being grateful means being thankful and appreciative. Spending most of your time being thankful is a surefire way to remain happy. You will have a more positive and happy outlook on life and attract like minded people. On this page you will find quotes, ideas and inspiration that remind you of the many things you have to be grateful for.

This section can help you put things in perspective like that fact that the things that you may be taking for granted are the very things someone else can be praying for. Things like good health, employment, love, family and things as basic as three meals a day. You will also find an article that gives a great breakdown of why we should want to give thanks in every moment it is also a good read for personal growth and a great habit to start for a long prosperous life.

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